Episode 13: Safe Spaces in Games with Ron Edwards

Sorry for the lateness of this episode...like 2 weeks late.  I just started the school year back up so I needed time to focus on Work.  I'm back though and thrilled to share this episode of the podcast with all of you.  This is an interview with Ron Edwards game creator about creating safe spaces in the classroom to talk about difficult topics.  It's a more teen heavy podcast episode so I don't recommend it for little children.  However, if you work with teenagers and Role Playing this episode is fantastic and a must listen.  It wound up being an hour and a half episode so I cut out 30 minutes or so.  It also was recorded as a backup recording because the original recording didn't work so it will sound a little jolted.  Despite all these set back it seriously was one of my most interesting conversations and I hope you all enjoy.  Give a listen, and enjoy learning about how to make safe spaces for people to talk in games.


Ron Edwards Website



Essay on Lines and Veils


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